Jacek Kuroń Comprehensive Secondary School No. CXIX in Warsaw has existed since 1998. In 2008, the school community chose Jacek Kuroń as the Patron, whose words "To live humanly is to create and love, to create the world together with other people" are important in the humanistic and social shaping of young people. The mission of the school is not only education, but also educating the young generation to be open to the world and people, and the individual style and tolerance - so important in the life of our Patron - are important in the development of young people.

Awards and certificates are a huge advantage of our school

A school with an idea for culture - Distinction from the Mayor of the City of Warsaw

A school with an idea for social activity - Distinction of the Mayor of the City of Warsaw

A school with an idea for film education - Honorary distinction of the Mayor of the City of Warsaw

Talent Discoverers School - a title awarded by the Minister of the Ministry of National Education

The School of Talents - a distinction from the Wola District Office


English, Social Studies, History, German or French


Polish, Social Studies, English, German or French


math, biology, chemistry, German/Russian


math, geography, English, German/Spanish


The school offers a wide range of extracurricular activities developing students' knowledge and skills
From the very beginning, the idea behind the "Stopa" School Theater is to leave "its mark" and develop the creativity of young people. The theater performances have awarded many distinctions.
A professionally equipped film studio, where classes carry out resulting from the program of media, theater and film classes.
Golden Film Studio expanded its offer by opening in 2017 a small stage called the "Stage" Project. It is a theater and film undertaking.
Political science classes learn in the difficult art of discussion by participating in Oxford debate tournaments, such as the Warsaw Debate League. In this way, they develop logical thinking, reflexes in polemics, listening to opponents and the art of speaking in front of an audience.
A proposal for students interested in mathematics that is interesting, intriguing, referring to the Lviv school of mathematics. In XNUMX was implemented the "Eureka" educational project with a school in Ukraine. If you are interested in visit the website Small Scottish Book
Students participate in numerous workshops and lectures at scientific institutes and universities such as the Biocenter of Scientific Education, Copernicus Science Center, University of Warsaw and others.
The Student Self-Government prepares school celebrations, promotes self-governance organizing elections, school competitions, and campaigns, and participates in the Warsaw Student Self-Government Conferences.
The school's atmosphere is also created by the school choir, which, under the direction of Sylwia Skowrońska, takes part in all school celebrations and occasionally performs out-of-school events.
School volunteering, founded in 2006 by Katarzyna Sarnacka and Sylwia Skowrońska, cooperates, among many others, with the Children's Rheumatology Institute in Warsaw.
Sport is always of great importance in school life. Students learn to act as a team, shape responsibility for collective achievements, sport supports the pursuit of success, and develops ambitious competition.

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Trips to the capitals of European countries, Youthmaster, Polish-German youth exchange, language projects "Coming out" and "Eureka" with a school in Ukraine

The tradition in our high school includes meetings with representatives of social and political life, artists, directors, and politicians

Students participate in workshops and lectures organized by research centers and institutions, colleges, and universities

Our students take part in various projects and actions promoting tolerance and multiculturalism in the modern world

Students have the opportunity to develop their acting, dancing, music, art and literary skills at the "Stopa" Theater, Gold Film Studio and the "Stage" Project

Other traditions in our school are the Pledge and Initiation Ceremony celebrated on National Education Day, the Patron's Day and the Teacher of the Year

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The website uses excerpts from the monograph "Złota 58. 128 years in the education service" by Zofia Ustaborowicz - Sobiepanek and Jolanta Tulibacka.